Bottega del vino Dolcetto di Dogliani

Logo Dogliani
Dogliani. Dolcetto and dreams.


Land of vineyards, woods, cultivated fields and ancient farmsteads.
Its roads travelled by stubborn and determined, wise and visionary men and women.
This is Dogliani, a frontier, where the respect for time and the love of place have made these valleys unique.
Our Dolcetto is the result of the values we believe in.

At Dogliani we dream that is possible to follow the ancient art of wine-growing in a land that still speaks of rural countryside.
Here, our vineyards exist in harmony with the rest of our farming culture, sharing the land with hazelnut groves, fields of grains and cereals, pastures, and the woods that are home to wild hares, boars, deer, as well as our extraordinary truffles.
At Dogliani we dream that those who make wine are still able to listen to their craft, fruit of the traditions impressed upon their souls and upon the work of their hands. At Dogliani we dream that our wines can express, with elegance, all of those Piedmontese values that we hold dear: sobriety, determination, truth and that freedom that allows us to firmly believe in an identity decidedly out of fashion. At Dogliani we dream that there is a world out there still able to hear and appreciate these simple, age-old values on which agricultural life and society have always been founded; values that are the true bridge to the future.
It's true, at Dogliani we are dreamers, but - as Flaiano said - with our feet firmly planted in the clouds.