Bottega del vino Dolcetto di Dogliani

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In a land marked by vineyards and woods, fields and age-old farmsteads, where interest in good food and wine reign unconditionally, sites of art and history are regularly transformed into "public theatres" where special events and festivities are held on well-known dates throughout the year. Every town, every village, "dresses up" for a day or two to celebrate, for example, local products, like cherries at Dogliani, "piciu" (medlars) at Farigliano, "micun" (loaves of bread) at Belvedere Langhe, chestnuts at Somano…
From festivals and historical fairs dating back centuries, to more recently established events, all take place in a territory that has both a strong desire to embrace and keep traditions alive, as well as the equally strong desire to change and invent new interests and attractions for a public composed of local residents and visiting tourists, charmed and enchanted by the beauty of the area.
From eno-gastronomic walks, that combine the love and culture of good food with a love of nature, to village fetes with giant tents offering local products, outdoor dancing and fireworks, all are eagerly looked forward to from one year to the next.
And finally, events and occasions tied to religious observances, holy and patron saints' days… none of these should be missed.