Bottega del vino Dolcetto di Dogliani

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Our area is known as the heartland of Dolcetto, a grape variety that has found here the perfect environment, ideal for producing wines of extraordinary complexity, structure and balance. However, most people are not aware of how difficult and capricious a grape it can be and how much dedication and patience is needed for its cultivation.
But we were born here, we have grown up with this grape and have always been taught to respect it and treat it with care and attention. The result is a Dolcetto that is unique, that distinguishes itself in its essential characteristics, possessing a pleasing immediacy as well as complex and intriguing nuances lying just below the surface, waiting to be discovered.

It has been written that "at Dogliani, the fruit is not like that found elsewhere, direct and outright, which stifles the variety in a monotonous vinosity. Rather, here it is capable of uncommon, aromatic expressions; its tannins, in the best cases, are endowed with unimaginable length; the structure of these wines identifies them more with Dogliani than with Dolcetto; they are complete, rich but natural, and fully express the difference in terroir. And at Dogliani, Dolcetto's evolutive capacity and declination are also different; after a few years the fruit becomes less dominant, and notes of minerality and undergrowth emerge which is quite different from other denominations".

What makes this wine so unique?
We will try to answer that question as we take you on a voyage of discovery, revealing the secrets of the fruit, the climate, the land, and our own contribution to the process from grape to glass.